How UX Can Improve your Email Marketing Campaign

The online audience is kind of a tough nut to crack. Only to add to the complexity, the ever-growing competition and the dynamic nature of marketing strategies keep internet marketers busy. In an attempt to woo their audience and filter the competition, brands have to make sure that they put their customers above all.

Putting customers before everything else is about doing things that enhance their customer journey and the resultant User Experience. The key to accomplishing the best of these is to be as personalized yet professional with the prospective customers i.e. employ the best of Email marketing.

If you are interested, this blog post is going to be all about how you can exercise the prowess of User Experience to improve your Email marketing campaign. By the end of this post, you will be able to figure out how you can get better at your Email marketing strategy by largely focusing on improving the User experience for your marketing email audience.

Focus on the readability and obviously, good contentHow UX Can Improve your Email Marketing Campaign

The real purpose of running an Email marketing campaign is to ensure that people actually read those emails. It is true that an average online user receives about a lot of marketing emails from hundreds of brands.

A great email copy which is user-centric and devoid of any jargon is the one that can be termed as readable for average users. This email copy has to have a great content which is specific to the point and not overwhelms the audience with too much information. If the email copy requires, you can put up high-resolution images as well. If your budget isn’t flexible enough to hire a professional photographer, stock photos are always there to help.

With the available attention span and time that the audience can spare for these emails, it is very important to stand out so that at least your emails end up getting clicked at. If you are starting career as a blogger, the same would hold true for your new blog.

A great subject line that tempts

A great subject line that tempts

This pointer talks about how clickable emails are made with a great subject line. However, trying to be crafty with them is a big no. Companies must opt for shorter subject lines, preferably less than ten characters and without the use of Caps Lock. Implementing the principles of User-Experience in a subject line would be to offer a solution to the audience so that they get interested in the subject-matter of the email.

Select an apt color scheme for the chosen email template

Whoever thinks that marketing emails were meant to be all grey and boring has been living under a rock. This is so because as an online audience, we prefer content which is visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Apart from all things flashy and bright, there is no denying the fact that marketing emails which are a bit on the funky side impress us to the core.

Going by the message of your email and assuming that it is always about selling something, it is imperative of an email marketer to offer something interesting to look at or maybe read. A great email template design and a pleasant color scheme will motivate your audience to at least scroll through the email message.

Select an apt color scheme for the chosen email template

If you can choose to implement the design elements from your own business website into your marketing emails, that would be the best. Making things way more uniform, your marketing emails would be able to follow through the trend. If you think this idea works for you, you can use tools such as Imagely to create a stunning business website and thereof, derive inspiration for your business marketing emails as well.

Email marketing for mobile

You need to make sure that your Email marketing strategy is crafted around the intention of making things easier for your online audience i.e. enabling responsive email design for mobile users. Also, because of the fact that a whopping 48% of emails are opened from a mobile device.

Adapting your email design for mobile users will help you tap a larger segment of the audience that always uses their smartphones to access their email apps. Hence, your marketing emails should be such that they are accessible over smart devices in just the manner as on a desktop.

Loud & Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) prompts

As we mentioned earlier, a brand’s marketing emails are aimed at selling something or the other, and everybody knows that. Hence, sending out the message loud and clear is your go-to option. Integrating a clever CTA button in your marketing emails will impress your audience and help you with conversions.

Focusing on the Landing page UX

If the copy of your marketing email is supposed to have a landing page, make sure that you have done your research before creating one.

This landing page should be free of any distractions so that the audience isn’t confused. They should be able to figure out what they are expected to do by the time they end up going through all of it. Additionally, a landing page that is based on the right UX principles will have user-friendly and simple forms and great content that engages its audience.

Keeping all your marketing emails even for a uniform brand identity

If you are a business that frequently sends out marketing emails to prospective leads, make sure that you are able to create an identity for those emails. By saying so, we mean that every time your marketing email lands in the inbox of your audience, they should be able to retrieve the memory that they had earlier received emails from you.

However, the memory should have positive reinforcements. Uniform marketing emails mean business where the color scheme, logo placement, icon design, typography, landing page design etc. are uniform. Keeping these components even will help you strike a relatability checkbox with your email audience.

Double check all the links

You wouldn’t want to shoot out a marketing email that has dead links or CTA buttons that don’t respond. These instances put off the audience right at the moment they happen and are a huge User experience killer. So, double check your email copy, the links, and the buttons before you go all ‘Send-Send’.

Stop Spamming

We purposely kept this tip at the bottom so that you can readers can take away this tip, if not others.

The best ever UX enabler tip for a great Email marketing campaign is to send out marketing emails to the right people – the people who would be interested in such emails or the ones who would be interested in whatever you are trying to market.

Segmenting your email marketing audience is probably the most important tip because it ensures that most of the people from your segmented mailing list are reading those emails, instead of filtering them and sending it to their spam folders.

Capture the pain point for an emotional boost

Granting a great User-experience to your audience comes only after you have provided them a value or promise that your product/service has the capability of driving the pain out of their consumerism problems. Weaving this emotional quotient into your email copy will definitely give your email marketing strategy a boost.

Capture the pain point for an emotional boost


The right UX design can definitely accelerate your email marketing campaigns and assure that the effectiveness of your marketing copy is increased manifolds.

With the tips furnished in this blog post, we hope that your business will be better able to understand the customer’s’ perspective of marketing emails and carry out actions that amplify conversion rates for your brand.

Catherrine Garcia is a passionate blogger and a freelance Web Developer currently working for WPCodingDev. She along with her group of freelance developers are experts of creating Websites on WordPress.