Thinking about an Event Mobile App? Grab This Free Ebook

Event apps are becoming a popular solution for event professionals around the world. Here is a free guide to help you selecting one.


If you are thinking about embarking in an event app program, you will probably face a lot of questions. There are hundreds of companies offering dozens of features and for different price points. How do you make sure you choose the best app for your event?

Event Manager Blog just released a free to download (no email submission required) ebook about selecting a mobile app, The Event App Bible. It features comparison tables with over 100 apps. You will be able to quickly see who is offering what and for what price point.

The guide also contains invaluable information for the strategy and selection process, including information about:

– How to approach purchasing and using event mobile apps
– How to increase adoption and engagement with your event app
– Tips and guidance from experts and those successfully using mobile apps

You can grab your free copy with no string attached here.