10 Thoughtful Gifts for Speakers

One of our favorite public speaking educators, Michael Port, sent an email out to his Heroic Public Speaker list with ten holiday gifts for speakers.

We loved the email and didn’t want to just share it here on the ShowThemes blog as it was.

So we recorded a short eight-minute audio clip with our take on the gifts.

As noted in the recording, here are some of the items we mentioned:

Finally, here is the video where Scott shares his opinion on the Mophie Qi charger.

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Hi everybody, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz from showthemes and today I want to share, uh, this is a different piece. Of course you normally we’re sharing blog articles in text form sometimes in the past they had been in video form today. I want to do one that is in audio form and today I want to share a really fantastic email that I received from Michael and amy port. Now, if you’re not familiar with them, heroic public speaking.com, they’re just fantastic. In fact, I would say Michael Port is my favorite public speaking, um, educator and uh, and, and whatnot that his podcast is absolutely fantastic. I’ve never taken any of his workshop, but I’ve learned so much from just the podcast and his books and things like that. Um, so first of all, if you’re not familiar with Michael Port and amy port, just go to heroic public speaking.com.

You can Google Michael Port, you’ll find out he is basically his background as an acting. He was on sex and the city and a bunch of other shows and whatnot. So, um, I wanted to share. He just send out, send out a fantastic email. Uh, timing is of course perfect because it’s actually about holiday gifts and while this is the holiday time, Christmas is around the corner. So I wanted to share the tips that he shared because I can actually relate with them and I want to share my, my own sort of a take on his recommendations. Now these are holiday gifts for speakers. So if you are hosting an event and it’s around the holidays, then this is kind of perfect for you because, uh, around any sort of power, even if you just want a speaker gifts in one speaker, gifts in general, you know, this could work even outside of the holiday.

So anyway, here we go. The first was throat coat. Now this is, and it is not the most tasteful t, but, uh, you know, uh, I will actually say throat coat really does help when you are speaking in public. If you’re recording a podcast episode, if you’re doing anything like that. Now with Ratko, I do recommend adding honey. I’m Michael Port actually said to ed gourmet honey and linked to some core may honey, but I don’t think the gourmet honey really makes a difference. Honey is honey for the most part. I do recommend getting it locally sourced if possible because that actually helps your immune system with allergies and things like that. Anyway, so throat coat tea, it’s available pretty much everywhere. Amazon and of course in supermarkets, but uh, you should add some honey to it because it is not the most tasteful tea.

Another one that he recommended is a clicker and the one that he recommended is pretty inexpensive. I think it was like $14 on Amazon, but it is not a very nice clicker. It’s, you know it for a speaker gift. Yeah, sure. But will it actually get the job done reliably? I don’t know. The one that I’ve used is from logitech. Logitech makes a bunch. I am a big fan of logitech products because they tend to just work. And so if you are considering a speaker gift of a clicker, consider one from logitech or a logic now and you’ll probably be happier than one. That’s really inexpensive on Amazon. Next up was a power station, also known as a battery backup or a charger for a phone, one that has a battery built in. You don’t need to plug it into an outlet. Now the one that he recommended was actually from a Mofi and it was a charger that also has a Usb port.

I am going to share in the blog post for this audio recording. I’m going to share my thoughts. I have a video of my thoughts on the exact one that was recommended by Michael and amy port. I do not recommend the one that they recommend because I had a really bad experience with it at a trade show. So, um, uh, if the better of the two that I test at the trade show, but still it was pretty bad. But, uh, I do have recommendations for other ones that I absolutely love. So, um, but yes, a USB battery backup or sorry, a USB or a charging battery backup. Fantastic gift for any speaker of course. Because typically if you’re a public speaker, you probably have a phone that needs to be charged. The next one that was recommended was scarves and shawls and things like that.

That keeps speakers warm. This is actually pretty good because if you can keep your throat warmer, if you can keep your neck warmer, then you probably will do better speaking for longer periods of time. So it’s not a bad idea. I kind of, I kind of agree with that. The next one would be a light. Now, if you are making videos, doing webinars or you’re doing a youtube content or doing facebook lives and a light would be good. You can get a inexpensive ring light on Amazon or anywhere you can get other lights, but a nice light to, uh, to add some, some lights to your speakers for whatever else they do outside of your event. Pretty, pretty good. The next would be a book. Now they recommended measure what matters. That’s a cool book, but I actually recommend their own book, especially for speakers because the speakers are always looking to improve how they work and what a better way than actually reading.

Michael Port’s book on better speaking. The next was a premium otter account. Otter is a voice notation. You basically record and it turns it into text and then you can organize your conversations and, and organize for your speech, your presentation, your performance, whatever it is. So they recommended premium auto account. I’ve never used it. It is ai based, but uh, it, there is also a free account. So if you want to try it first you can. But basically they’d recommend a $10 a month. Otter account on my favorite one that they recommended was one I would not have expected. The clothespin was a, was a gift idea. And basically what they said was there the speakers are going to tilt their head to the side with confusion for a moment. But you can remind them that a couple of clothespins block out light in the middle of hotel curtains and a well rested speaker is a happy speaker.

I think that’s a really clever idea. That might even be something I would just throw in with whatever other gifts that you’re planning on doing. Not just, not just as a gift alone because it’s like tencent for a clothespin, but you know, you get the ninth item they recommended was eye cream because you know, you can have your speakers look more well rested. Now, I don’t think I would ever give eye cream to a speaker, but uh, again I get the, I get the idea. Hopefully the speaker is thinking about their own sleep cycles and resting and how they look and they present themselves so that you don’t have to do that for them. But you never know. You might have a speaker or just doesn’t care. The last one, the 10th one that they recommended was not just a gift card. Their recommendation was a gift card to Nordstrom’s with a personal shopper consultation.

That is a really clever idea because now you can tell your speakers that you care about how they care about themselves and you want to help them and give them this personal shopper experience, which is not something that people do on a regular basis anymore. So there was the 10 tips that Michael and amy port emailed. I didn’t want to just do a copy paste. I wanted to share my own take on what they shared and I hope that you enjoyed it, like I enjoyed it. And again, if you’re not subscribing to heroic public speaking.com, I do recommend that you subscribe, you check it out, and of course you subscribe to the podcast because that is absolutely amazing. So until next time, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz from show themes, your place for presenting your events in a way like no other.