3 Methods To Get More Speaking Gigs

Speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, shared 3 tips on his YouTube channel for speakers to get more gigs. We loved the video and wanted to share it with you here. So here goes!

The first method was networking, and building an email list of other speakers, organizers, and businesses who hire speakers. Build relationships with each person, recommend them when the fit is right, and in turn, you’ll likely be recommended. Prove your value to those in your network and you’ll find yourself being booked more.

The second method is proof of concept, which is basically creating a shorter version of your presentation, keynote or speech. Test the waters, to see if the idea is one that will have an impact. Send that along with a pitch to the event you’d like to speak at.

The last is to promote yourself on multiple platforms. Don’t just stick to Facebook or Instagram. Consider Twitter, LinkedIn and other mediums that could bring you more views, connections, etc.