How to Import a Facebook Event to WordPress

We just developed the easiest way to import your Facebook Event to your WordPress powered event website. Here is a tutorial to easily show who is coming to events, Facebook pictures and event info.

Yesterday our customers woke up with a nifty new feature for Fudge 2.0, our latest event WordPress theme. We just announced a major release, Facebook Event integration.

How to Import a Facebook Event to WordPress


How does it work?

With a few clicks you can easily import your Facebook Event data to your WordPress event website.

  • Your event title
  • The event date and time
  • The venue of the event
  • Display the Facebook profile picture of those that RSVPd Yes
  • Display the number of Yes and Maybe
  • Display the pictures from the Facebook Event


How to Import Facebook Event to your Event Website

With Fudge 2.0 importing Facebook events to your conference or event site has never been easier.

Before you start importing different items, you need to enter the details of your Facebook App. Here is a step by step procedure.

Step 1: Create a Facebook App

Step 2: Add the Facebook App Credentials in Theme Options -> Social APIs (here is a video tutorial)

You have two sets of data you can import in Fudge 2.0. You can import your event info, pictures or the RSVPs to your event.

To Import the Event Info:

Step 1: Activate the Event Info Component

Step 2: Click on Import from Facebook Button

import facebook event to event website

Step 3: You will populate the

– Title
– Date
– Date Text
– Location Text

To Show the profile pictures of who RSVPd Yes:

Step 1: Activate the Facebook Box Component

Step 2: Add the link to FB page.


To Import the Facebook Event Pictures:

Step 1: Go to Theme Options -> Tools

Step 2: Click on Import from Facebook Button

import facebook event to event website

Step 3: Activate the Media Component and select the pictures you want to show


Use Facebook to Sell More Event Tickets

Facebook has become an instrumental part of any event’s marketing.

Creating a carefully crafted Facebook Event Page allows you to reach your desired audience to sell more tickets. Once you create your page you can also use an incredible number of Facebook Advertising resources dedicated to events.

Once you’ve created your event you can use Facebook Live to stream it to your fans and you can collect all the pictures under one roof.

Fudge 2.0 makes it so easy for you to import all this hard work without any further work.

You can grab Fudge 2.0 here.