3 ways to practice your conference speech

3 ways to practice your conference speech
As someone who often speaks at conferences, both in-person and online, this issue is understood.

As people who bring you event themes for WordPress, we get it.

You’ve spent hours coming up with your presentation.

Maybe you’ve created a keynote to go with it. Maybe a slideshow. Maybe something epic and fresh.

But you are worried you might fail. That you might slip up, or skip something important.

Here are 3 ways you practice your conference speech before the big day.

Video Chat

Call a friend on a video call, like Skype or Hangout. Ask him or her to watch and listen as you give your speech. Incorporate the visual content with it, if it’s needed.

Gather critical feedback on your performance, and then adjust.

If needed, call on another friend to watch and listen once you’ve made your adjustments.

Record It

Using software like Camtasia or Screenflow, record yourself and your screen as you go through your speech.  The video or audio quality doesn’t have to expensive for it to sound or look good. Having a recording which you can speed up, slow down or pause will help you improve.

Think of it as a sports team reviewing their performance after a game.


Combine the two previous suggestions. Record your presentation and then using a service like Vimeo Pro, send a private video using their “Review” mode to friends. Ask them to log their notes directly into the video recording. That way you can see the exact areas needing improvement.