How a Qball can enhance your speech engagement

How a Qball can enhance your speach engagementDo you watch Shark Tank? If not, check out the season premiere of season 9.  In it you’ll see a product called Qball. It’s a dodgeball with a wireless microphone in it.

The product was originally created for teachers, and priced at a point where many teachers might actually spend their own money on it.

But the Qball can be used by presenters at events. Think about this idea.

Imagine you’re speaking to hundreds of people in a theater. After your presentation, it’s time to answer some questions from the audience.

Instead of someone having to walk around with a microphone, or attendees having to get up and walk to a microphone placed in an aisle.  Imagine if a very soft ball could be thrown from person to person, like a game. And whoever has the ball can speak to the entire theater.

That’s what Qball is.

We aren’t saying you have to rush out and buy one for your event. But we are saying to consider something different, exciting and engaging. If you want to ramp up on attendee contributions to your events, then Qball might be a great start.