How to Use Speakers to Sell More Event Tickets [Case Studies]

You worked hard to source awesome speakers. They are the stars and main attraction of your event. Attendees want to know everything about them. It is your job to highlight performers and let visitors know what they will be missing if they stayed at home. In this post, we will show you how to use speakers to attract more visitors for your event using our WordPress event themes.

Sell event tickets with speaker profiles

If you own or are planning to purchase one of our awesome WordPress event themes, half the job is done. All our themes come with built-in speaker management, which allows you to easily create speaker profiles, assign sessions to speakers, and display them prominently on your website. In this post we are using Tyler, our flagship event WordPress theme, the same process applies to Vertoh, our newly launched theme.

Once you have installed and activated one of our themes, simply login to your WordPress dashboard and visit Speakers -> Add New.


add new speaker


This will bring you to an interface that looks like default post editor in WordPress. Simply enter speaker’s name in the title field, and their bio in the post editor.


Editing speaker profile


Pro Tip: The speaker’s bio is where you introduce the performer to your audience. Make sure to highlight their achievements and add links to where users can go and learn more about the speaker.


Videos and Presentations

It is also a good idea to add videos and presentations from previous events. Ask your speaker to shoot a small video pitching their session. It will help prospective attendees to make up their minds and purchase a ticket.

You can easily add a presentation from Slideshare on your page. Just head to the presentation you want to embed and click on the embed symbol < >


Embed presentation on event website


Then select Embed:


Screen Shot 2015 01 17 at 11 35 55


Copy the code and paste it on your speaker profile and voila’, you’re done.

The same process applies for Youtube. Just head to your video and select Share -> Embed:


Screen Shot 2015 01 17 at 11 40 11


Copy the code and paste it on your page and that’s it!


Finishing Touches

After filling in the biographical information, click on the Set featured image link in the bottom right box to upload speaker’s profile photo.


Adding Speaker's Profile Photo


Under the Speaker Details section, you can check the Keynote checkbox to feature a speaker. If you want to increase the visibility of your superstar, this is the way to highlight their profile on both the homepage and schedule.

Just below this section you can add a one-line introduction of the speaker under the Excerpt section. This Excerpt will be used when displaying the speaker profile on the homepage.

Once you are happy with the profile, simply click on the Publish button to make it public.


Prioritising Your Speakers: Case Study

Our All Speakers page allows you to organize the speakers in meaningful groups. That helps attendees to understand who is presenting what and to see crowd attractors first.

Displaying speakers alphabetically makes no marketing sense. You need to prioritise speakers according to their relevance. Have a look at how our client, the Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Food for Thought, highlights the popular author and activist Vandana Shiva.


Event wordpress themes  speakers management


You can easily organise speakers on your Speakers Page by simply dang and drop available speakers in your preferred tier.


Speaker tiers event website

Make sure to find meaningful names for your tiers. The most popular are usually Keynotes, Featured Speakers, Speakers and Panelists.


Showcasing Speakers on The Homepage

Adding detailed speaker profiles is awesome. But you want to bring your speakers on the front-page of your website and put them under the spotlight. All our Event Themes for WordPress allow you to easily showcase your speakers on the homepage. Here is how.

Simply go to Appearance -> Widgets. Under the list of available widgets you will find Speakers List widget. Drag and drop this widget to the Homepage sidebar.


Adding speakers list to homepage


First, you need to provide a title and subtitle for the widget, then you need to enter text for view profile and view all speakers links.

To select which speakers go on the homepage you will need to provide speaker IDs for each row. You can feature up to 3 rows of featured speakers. Each row will show three speakers. To make sure that speakers appear on the slider in the order you prefer you need to enter the speaker IDS.

Pro Tip: To find out a speaker’s ID, you need to visit Speakers -> All Speakers page. Edit a speaker’s profile. In your browser’s address bar you will see something like this:


Finding Speaker ID


As you can see in this image the speaker’s ID is 87. Enter the speaker ID in your widget and repeat the process to find another speaker’s ID.

Once you have entered speaker IDs, you can click on the Save button and visit your website’s homepage to see speakers showcased on your frontpage.


Once the Event Is Over: Case Study

Our sessions from 2014   Event Tech Live Event Tech Live


One of the most common mistakes is to forget about the speakers profiles once the event is over. They can be a powerful weapon to keep the attention alive once the hype of the event is gone and promote next year’s edition.

Smart event professionals secure their audience and sponsors for the next edition as soon as the event is over. It is never too soon to start promoting. In this perspective, speaker profiles are instrumental in showcasing all the great content you’ve created.

You can use speaker profiles, session pages or regular WordPress pages to display a video of the session. You can make it public, or part of the ticket price. Our client Event Tech Live, made sessions available to their audience this way, see it in action. The showcase is password protected and only those with access can view the sessions.

If you want to keep speaker profiles public, you can lock the schedule and use session pages to add videos.

Extending the lifecycle of your event via content (video, slides, blog posts) is one of the strongest tactic to better perform on Google Search, on social media and email marketing eventually leading to increased ticket sales on the longer term.


In Conclusion

Speakers are one of the top reasons why we attend events. The way event professionals help users understanding the story speakers will tell is key to convert prospects into customers.

Make sure you dedicate enough time to write compelling speakers bios that influence prospective attendee into purchasing a ticket. A sound speaker profile has a rich bio, social media profiles, previous presentations, videos of previous sessions.

Do not forget about your speakers once the event is over as they will be a competitive advantage to sell next year’s edition.



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