10+ Awesome Presentations for Event Professionals

Slideshare is an all time favorite of this blog. I owe a lot to this fantastic community.

I believe Slideshare is an often ignored source of incredible content. If you use social media to advance your professional skills Slideshare is an unmatched source of useful content.

Slides (at least good ones) are extremely powerful media, thanks to the synergy of words and images. Such synergy is often times hard to achieve with blog posts.

Slideshare and #Eventprofs
There is a growing community of event professionals using Slideshare to share invaluable advice about planning, promoting and improving events.

I like to think I’ve been one of the first among them when I published my Event Management Template back in 2007.

25 presentations and 330,000 views later, I wanted to give you a more comprehensive overview of all the goodness going on within Slideshare. I hope more eventprofs will upload great content and that you, dear reader, will pay more attention to this valuable community.

Enough said, let’s have a look at 10 great Slideshare presentations for the event and meeting industry.

1. How To Supercharge Your Event
This is presentation is by Hugh MacLeod aka Gapingvoid. MacLeod is the most popular artist drawing cartoons about the Internet and Social Media. I actually missed this great presentation, powerfully illustrated by his cartoons.