Social Media for Events

Here is a typical scenario. You’re an event professional who has been enjoying social media for a while. You see the value of using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc to offer a better event experience. You completely believe in the power of serendipity. You may have experienced the viral nature of the tool and praise

Improve the Event Atmosphere

This article is by Alistair Robertson – Operations Director at Vision Events (UK) Ltd. Alistair is now in his 26th year in the Events Industry, Ali heads up the production department at VisionEvents, which he set up 17 years ago with the aim of producing top end corporate and bespoke events for prominent and influential

New Conference Roles: Enter IdeaDJs

I was in Bruxelles a couple of weeks ago for MPI’s BeConference (more on this later). I had a blast there and an entertaining dinner with awesome Ruud Janssen and MC of the conference, Cyriel Kortleven. For those who don’t know Cyriel, he is a inspiring master of ceremony and also author of this event

10+ Awesome Presentations for Event Professionals

Slideshare is an all time favorite of this blog. I owe a lot to this fantastic community. I believe Slideshare is an often ignored source of incredible content. If you use social media to advance your professional skills Slideshare is an unmatched source of useful content. Slides (at least good ones) are extremely powerful media,