Showthemes Support Reference Guide

Support is an interesting topic when it gets to tech providers and specifically WordPress themes providers. We’ve had quite a journey with it and we see it as one of the most crucial elements to deliver a great experience with our products.

You have three support options: Self Service, Showthemes Support and Codeable

Support and WordPress Themes

In order for us to guarantee an equal level of service to all our customers, we have set some boundaries for our support policy. It is a common misconception that WordPress theme supports involves custom setup or development. If we had to provide that level of service to all our customer, we would be soon out of business. This is also the reason why no WordPress theme provider offers that level of support.

We also feel that before you make a purchase, it is essential to know what to expect when purchasing support from us. What we want to avoid at all costs is to disappoint you or make you not happy with the purchase. We also realize themes are canvases and you may need to customize the look and feel of them, require extra features and custom layout.

Self Service Support: You are an experienced WP user and you know how to set up themes. We will be there to help with bug fixing but configuring the theme is up to you. We will provide extensive tutorials and documentation. We update our support portal with 15 new tutorials every month. You will find advice for the most common customization requests.

Showthemes Support: If you require help setting up the theme and performing small customizations, Showthemes Support will be happy to help. You get access to all tutorials plus you have the piece of mind to ask questions about our products and get a response within 24 hours.

Codeable: We have partnered with Codeable to offer custom development of our themes. Codeable is a top notch WordPress customization platform. They know our themes very well and they will be able to help taking your event website to the next step.

Here is a simple reference of what Showthemes support includes:


Self Service

Showthemes Support


Tutorials, FAQ and Theme Guide  ✓   
5 support tickets per month  ✗  ✓
Help configuring the theme  ✓
Help understanding how a theme works  ✓
Small customization  ✓
Small layout change  ✓
Setting up and installing WordPress    ✓
Changing how the theme works  ✗  
Changing color schemes to match branding  ✗     ✓
Help integrating with unsupported services  ✗     ✓
Hep with external plugins     ✓
Troubleshooting custom developed sites     ✓
Re-organizing layout     ✓


Some Clarifications

– Bug reports are not counted as tickets. If you spot a bug or something not working and submit a ticket for that, we will never count it towards your quota.

– Ticket quota is calculated on a calendar month basis.

– We calculate a ticket in 20 minutes of analysis and development. If a task requires more than 20 minutes to be executed, we won’t be able to help and we will recommend to use Codeable.

 Full terms

The full support terms can be found here.

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