Event Website Checklist

We know how important it is to get your event website right. We’ve helped event planners, event speakers and thousands of others create amazing and powerful event websites.

But we’re always asked for advice. Our “top tips” for event websites.

That’s why we put together the ultimate event website checklist.  A simple template that you can use as a guide to launch an event website that converts.

The checklist is broken into nine parts:

  • Layout and Design
  • Basic Information
  • Staying in Touch
  • Social Media
  • Event Information
  • Registration
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Legal

If you are a designer or an agency how do you know if you are creating effective websites that sell event tickets? The event website checklist is a tool to quickly skim your site and assess whether key elements that convert are in place. Too often crucial information is missing and prospective attendees just navigate away.

The event website checklist is a free to download that you can quickly access by entering your details below. We are sure you will enjoy it.

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