Support & Fair Use Policy

Our themes’ support is guaranteed for one year from the purchase of any support license. At the end of the year, the username and password set up at check-out won’t be valid to access the support forum.

Please Note: We reply to emails Monday – Friday during normal business hours, 6 am – 6 pm EST.

We also take occasional leaves at public holidays and other such events. We sincerely want to provide you the best support, as soon as possible. But it would not be possible for us to provide Support outside working hours/days.

Showthemes provides support services to Showthemes’ customers only. Support includes installation guidance, bugs fixing, and general problem solving with features explained on the themes’ official sales page.

Support does not include:

  • Solving problems for plugins not packaged with our framework and themes.
  • Plugins integration.
  • Use of theme packaged plugins for other purposes not included in the theme original functionality.
  • General WordPress support (please use the WordPress forums for that).
  • Adding new features or extending the features currently available.
  • Customization of any widget, including theme-specific widgets such as ‘Januas Connect Widget’, ‘Januas Feedburner Email Widget’, ‘Januas Latest News’, ‘Januas LinkedIn Widget’ and ‘Januas Twitter Widget’.
  • Any type of modification or customization.
  • Assistance on multi-site installations.
  • Multisite Integration.

What does support include?

Please use our support portal to access tutorials, video tutorials, and FAQs. If you purchase a support license you will be able to send a support ticket. Our support includes assistance with theme installations, configuration, and use. All support requests sent outside our Help Desk will be ignored (the exception being pre-sales & account related).

Pre-sales & Account Related

If you cannot access the Help Desk or if you have questions before purchasing themes on, please use our support form.

Estimated Response Time

Our support team is available Monday – Friday during normal business hours of 6 am – 6 pm EST (we’re away on weekends). Unless we have an unusually high volume of support tickets, we almost always reply well within 24 hours.

With every support request, we will try to respond as soon as possible and solve the problem within our first response. In cases that we cannot do that in time, please be patient. For sure, we’re trying to come up with a solution.


Support is valid for one year from the date of purchase. After your support license has expired you may purchase a new license.

Fair Use

In order to maintain a good level of service for all users, the Support service is subject to this Fair Use Policy:

1. Excessive Use is defined as:

1.1. Where the Customer logs more than 5 new support issues in any 30 calendar day period

2. Unreasonable Use is defined as:

2.1. Where someone other than the Customer uses the Service unless agreed otherwise by both parties (Customer and Showthemes

2.2. Where Customer repeatedly attempts to use the Service for reasons not covered in the definition of the Service

3. Remedies

3.1. Showthemes will contact Customer to inform them of Excessive and/or Unreasonable use

3.2. Showthemes will suggest one or more of the following:

3.2.1. Issues logged under excessive or unreasonable conditions will be charged at a rate of US$ 50 per hour

3.2.2. An alternative Service product

3.2.3. The price of the Support agreement will be modified to reflect increased usage, and Excessive Use will be redefined

3.2.4. The Service may be suspended or limited for any period Showthemes deems is necessary

3.2.5. Termination of the Support agreement with no refund to the Customer