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WordPress Event Plugin


The WordPress Event Plugin

Conference is the WordPress even plugin for conferences and big, single events.

Why is Conference different?

Don’t be fooled. Most event plugins are made to manage event listing websites – like 101 things happening in Austin this weekend.

Conference is different. It’s made for one purpose – to manage single big conference and events.

It’s everything you need. Nothing you don’t.


If you don’t love it, we’ll refund you. Zero questions asked.

Event Plugin Features

Our WordPress event plugin includes everything you need to manage your event.


Add all your events sessions and display them in a beautiful schedule. Options allow you to show sessions by date, category, and other filters.


Add speakers and showcase them with dedicated speaker pages. If you link them to specific sessions, the session page will automatically showcase them on each session page.


What’s an event with out sponsors? Add your sponsors, and showcase them on sponsor listing pages and individual sponsor pages.

Ticket Sales

Conference integrates with Eventbrite, the world’s leading ticket sales platform. You can add multiple ticket levels, track inventory, and Eventbrite will handle sales and ticket delivery.


We built Conference from complete scratch in 2020. Block editor, no weird old legacy code. Conference is made for modern WordPress by a team that knows WordPress.


This is a lightweight, simple plugin that’s extremely easy to use. Because we built from scratch with only one purpose, we cut the bloat and excess options for a streamlined experience.

WordPress Event Theme?

Combine the Conference plugin with Show Pro, our powerful WordPress event theme, for a complete conference website.

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