Fudge is a beautiful event WordPress theme


Give your event website the design it deserves. Fudge is a powerful mix of advanced event features and funky look.

Your Event in One Clean and Stylish Page

A Strong Visual Impact

A picture is worth 10,000 words, that is why we have decided to give space to your event picture. Upload it in few seconds and show it to the world.

Sell More Tickets

Most event websites fail to highlight crucial information such as the date and venue of the event. Our design has set a new standard for event website communication with clear calls to action and event information display.

Your Fudge, Your Color

We created 10 preset color palettes to better express the mood of your event. We selected the trendiest color schemes to give your event the freshest look around.

Top Notch Schedule and Performer Management

Performers Profiles

We developed a bulletproof performers management platform to make your life easier. Create your Performer Database and easily allocate speakers, singers, actors, VIPs to your events. Performer profiles include media integration, social media links and in depth bios.

Schedules Made Easy

We understand the complexity of displaying a lot of data in a single screen. We believe we have developed  a top class scheduling solution for WordPress. Display multiple locations, concurrent sessions, pick the color of your tracks and easily connect the relevant performers. Everything optimized for mobile and at no extra cost.

Clean Session Display

Attendees will be able to easily view details about your schedule such as who is performing, where, at what time and the relevant track. Fudge displays vital event information in a smartphone and tablet optimized design.

Social Media Reloaded

Pull RSVP From Facebook

You know how important is to promote your event on Facebook. Set up our Facebook widget in a click to display Facebook RSVPs. Integrating Facebook on your Event Website has never been easier.

Free  Twitter Wall

Just add our Twitter widget to quickly display a live stream of your event hashtag. Click Full Screen to use your website as a Twitter wall at the event, no extra plugins or costly services needed.

Powerful Countdown

We understand how excited attendees are to come to your event. Simply set up the date in the dashboard and tell the world how many days left for the event of the year. We are sure everyone will love it.

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7 Language Translations

Fudge features 7 different language translations. English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian and Italian. Attendees of all languages can finally enjoy a proper event website. With Fudge you can build your site in your preferred language.

Fully Responsive

Fudge adapts to the screen you are using to view the website. Mobile friendly, Fudge displays an optimized version of your site on smartphones and tablets. Attendees will be able to access vital information about your event, regardless of device. Having a responsive WordPress theme for events is key as we increasingly check the website, while at the event.

Easy Maps and POIs

Display the points of interest of your event in an easy to read map. The map dynamically moves to display the selected point of interest.

Event Ended

Tell Fudge if your event has ended and it will automatically display a custom made page to let your attendees know that your event has ended.

Easy Media Display

Quickly display pictures and videos of your event. Users can dynamically decide what media they want to see.


Set up a blog in few minutes and broadcast the latest news about your event to your audience. The blog features a customizable sidebar and clean style. WordPress is the platform for blogging. Enhance the chance to be found on Google with a strong content strategy, your blog is your ally!

Woocommerce Ready

Tyler is integrated with Woocommerce. You will be able to sell event tickets from Woocommerce. Our elegant ticket selector has been styled to use the full force of Woocommerce. No extra fees!

Eventbrite, EventEspresso, Xing Events Integration

Just drop an Eventbrite, Event Espresso or Xing Events ticket widget code in the dashboard for seamless display. If you use Eventbrite or Event Espresso to manage registration, Fudge is a perfect solution for you. All the ticket options will be accessible directly from your website.

Unlimited Websites

Our license allows use on unlimited websites, the price is intended as a one off payment. You will get bug fixes and updates for a year.

Quality Support

When you purchase Fudge, you have access to a dedicated ticket based portal where your burning questions will be answered within 24 hours by a team of expert WordPress developers.

Elio Qoshi Mozilla
William Thomson Event Manager - Tech Fest
Judy Kucharuk co-chair
Matt Browne Technology Director, BlogWorld
Lara McCulloch Chief Brand Storyteller
Ivan Vaghi Managing Director
Keith Johnston Chief Event Technologist
Hugo Drax CEO
Bernie J Mitchell Organizer
Mark Robertson Founder ReelSEO
Ryan Opaz Event Manager
  • Fudge has been crucial for the online presence of our non-profit event, as we were able to set up everything needed within 2 days, including speakers, schedule, code of conduct and more. With only a few tweaks we had a professional looking website set up within a matter of days.

  • Vertoh is very impressive in its ease of use, completeness, clean design and Social integration. It is perfect for event professionals, like myself, who run several events per year. I look forward to using it and will certainly recommend it to my clients.

  • Are you looking for a Premium Conference WordPress Theme for your next event that is user friendly, intuitive and has been thoughtfully crafted by event professionals who KNOW what they are talking about? Look no further than the Tyler. It was perfect for our event: speakers, sessions, social media, blogging. The list is endless. I would highly recommend using Tyler for your next conference!

  • “We’ve been searching for a conference scheduling solution powered by WordPress for over a year now and we were delighted to find Event Manager Theme. Not only did we setup our schedule in a matter of days, but the support has been terrific, the code is rock solid, and the potential huge. Anyone managing an event needs to take a serious look at the EMT solution. We couldn’t be happier.”

  • Event Manager Theme has everything an event manager would need: the ability to manage speakers, sessions, registrations, customize the design and it also works across devices (smart phones, tablets and PCs).

  • Physical events play nice with social media campaigns and are great to keep the momentum going, but setting up the event hub and the whole speaker-session-event data model is a pain in the neck. Januas cuts down on setup time, gives you a fresh contemporary interface, allows you to embed event ticketing codes and works well on mobile, which is really the point if you are running an event

  • Event Manager Theme lets my clients concentrate on planning events because it was created with event planners in mind. Built on the Genesis framework, easy to update, secure, and stunningly beautiful, these WordPress themes are top notch and my first choice for events of any size.

  • Event Manager Theme theme is very hip, very now. Very clean & well coded. Some issues with image management were addresses quickly. Support for it is quite good. Overall we are very pleased with the theme. We are very glad we bought it. It was worth the investment.

  • Fudge has transformed our events from an online booking page to a content led online hub. Being able to quickly integrate video, photo and the Eventbrite booking form into the site results in something that clearly communicates the whole story of an event.

  • Tyler is by far the most robust, and professionally designed theme we could find for our event. Not only is the theme full of features and perfect for our conference, but customization is simple and support is top-notch. Overall, with Tyler, we feel that have a custom event site that looks as if we spent thousands on development.

  • As an event organizer the Tyler theme is perfect for focusing my participants attention on what matters. Simple to set up and easy to customize I wish I had this theme before. The first comment from my participants when I implemented theme was “Wow, now you look professional”





What should I consider before purchasing an event wordpress theme?
This post is a handy guide
How difficult are your themes to set up? What does the support include?
You will need an intermediate knowledge of WordPress. Our help centre is very comprehensive, we populate them with tutorials, video tutorials and theme specific FAQs.
For everything else, there is support. You can review our support terms here.
If you are not confident with WordPress we suggest to contact our partners at Codeable.
Do you provide updates to your themes? What happens with bug fixes?
When you purchase one of our theme, you receive a license key that will give you access to updates and bug fixes for one year. Read more about licensing here.
Can I view the back end demo of your themes?
Of course! When you land on a demo, click on the 'View Backend' button on the theme selector.
Can I customise the theme color scheme?
All our themes have editable stylesheets (CSS). Some of our themes offer full customization without opening the CSS, conveniently from dashboard. Some others offer preset color combinations.

Full Color Customization from Dashboard:
– Conference Pro
– Fudge 2.0
– Mondree
– Khore

Preset colors:
– Vertoh
– Tyler
– Fudge
– Januas

CSS editing:
– Event Manager Theme
Do your themes come set up like their demo sites?
You will always need to install WordPress on your domain/hosting. Conference Pro, Fudge 2.0, Mondree, Khore, Vertoh, Tyler, Januas and Fudge have an option to populate the site with dummy data so that you can have them looking like in the demo.
Are your themes translation-ready with .mo and .po files?
Conference Pro, Fudge 2.0, Mondree, Khore, Vertoh, Tyler, Januas and Fudge come in ready with translations and we can also provide .po files for both themes. Event Manager Theme doesn’t come with .po files for translation.

You can easily translate a po file with free software. We do not provide right to left compatibility.
Do your themes provide registration/ticketing?
No. Our themes DO NOT have a native registration/ticketing system. We believe registration is a sensitive issue and it should be handled by dedicated plugins or services.

Conference Pro, Fudge 2.0, Mondree, Khore, Vertoh, Tyler, Fudge and Januas all work with Woocommerce, a free way to register attendees.
What does your License include?
Once you purchase one of our themes, you will receive a unique license key. Each license is valid for one year of updates and bug fixes. The new version of the themes will be easily upgradable from your WordPress dashboard.

You can use our themes on as many domains as you wish. All our themes are 100% GPL.
How do I renew my license?
Existing customers will be able to renew with a discount available for 1 month after the expiry date. You can generate the discount code within your dashboard.
Can I Pay by Credit Card?
Of course you can! Once you are redirected to Paypal, you will be able to select credit card payment. Just Expand the 'Pay with a debit or credit card' tab

How can I obtain a tax invoice?
Please use the following form. indicating your order number and your company’s VAT number. It may take up to 5 working days to receive an invoice.
Do you offer refunds?
As with most digital products we do not offer refunds. Once you’ve downloaded the theme you are in fact free to use it whenever and wherever you prefer.

We invite you to make sure to check these FAQs, the theme demo site or to send us an email before making your purchase. We like to set expectations straight and we always communicate clearly what to expect in our themes.

If you are not sure about our themes do not proceed to purchase, send us an email instead and we will be happy to clear any doubt.

Want to buy Fudge?

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