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Setting up Event Manager Theme – Homepage and Sidebar

The homepage features three columns of “widget areas”, which allow you to drop prebuilt widgets or text in any order and column you choose. Go to Appearance > Widgets to man- age the three widget areas: Home Left, Home Middle, and Home Right.

On the demo site, the sidebars feature the following widgets:

  1. Home Left: a text widget with general information about the event.
  2. Home Middle: the Genesis – Featured Posts widget to display latest news, and Genesis – Latest Tweets widget for displaying recent twitter updates.
  3. Home Right: the Speakers Widget for displaying all the event’s speakers, and a text widget containing images (you can uploade them in the media section) of sponsor logos (Width of the logo can’t be more than 290px).

In the Widgets are you will Notice on the top right corner a Primary Sidebar Widget. This sidebar shows in each page (or blog post) other than the Press and Registration pages, which have the possibility to change the configuration of widgets.

You can apply the Registration or Press Sidebar configuration to other pages.

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