How to Display All Speakers´ Pictures

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How to Display All Speakers´ Pictures

The theme by default shows two rows of speakers´photos and an additional button can be clicked if you want to see more, the “View More” button.

However, if you prefer to display all the speakers´ photos instead, all you have to do is follow the steps in this tutorial.


1. Please before any editing, remember to take a backup of the original file.

2. Login to your admin dashboard.

3. Navigate to Appearance->Editor. Select Theme functions (file functions.php) on the right side.

 Look for this code below,

$speakers_limit = isset($_POST[‘data-limit’]) && ctype_digit($_POST[‘data-limit’]) ? intval($_POST[‘data-limit’]) : get_speakers_limit();

 Replace the line shown above with:

$speakers_limit =-1;

 After some lines you will see this line of code,

$ret[‘more’] = 1;

 Replace it with

$ret[‘more’] = 0;

 Update the file.


Now all the speakers´pictures will display.

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