Customizing Fudge Colors and Editing CSS

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Customizing Fudge Colors and Editing CSS

Fudge comes in 10 different colour combinations. From time to time you may need to edit the colours to your liking. In order to change the colors of individual widgets or particular schemes, you may need some CSS experience.

Fudge colours are controlled via a stylesheet. Stylesheets are located in css/schemes in your root folder, accessible via FTP. There is no way to edit CSS via the WordPress Dashboard.

-> In the schemes folder, you’ll find the different colour combinations available.

-> Select the one you want to amend.

Here is a spreadsheet with all the references of the CSS – Download file

The spreadsheet is organised as follows:

– Widget: The name of the widget you want to edit

– Area to Be Edited: This is the part of the widget you want to edit

– Line: This is the line of the stylesheet where you will find the specific input you want to edit

– ID Selector: This is the id of the selector controlling the HTML element colour. In some cases you will need to add elements instead of editing them

– Code: This is the code you will need to enter Please be ware that you will need to be independent in how you edit the CSS.

We won’t be able to help with any of the above.

Always back up a copy of the stylesheet before making edits. We suggest to use Firebug, a great Firefox extension to check changes live.

Some plugins may also help although we haven’t tested them and may need further tweaking to work.

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