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Instagram not working

Starting from November 2015, Instagram changed the way clients can connect its API.
All clients app created will be put in a sandbox status that has some limits in usage.
Every app must, then, be submitted to Instagram Staff with a submission process available from the Instagram developer section.
Only after the app has been reviewed and accepted the client app can be set to “live”.
Before this step, every client app in sandbox status will only show tagged images available in the account of the user associated with the sandbox (e.g the user that created the app).
We updated Mondree to be compatible with the new Instagram API.
As you will see, in theme options page you’ll find two new items:
– a checkbox that allows you to user old or new Instagram API. If you have a key created before November 2015, you can uncheck it and compile your access data; otherwise if you created a key after November 2015 you have to check it;
– if you checked the previous checkbox (meaning that you want to use the new Instagram API), you have to login from your site using the “Login” link available in this page. After this process, your site will be authorized by Instagram to use the new API. Again, to make this work with all public Instagram data, your client API must be reviewed and accepted by Instagram staff.

Unfortunately we cannot control this new behaviour. We made Mondree compatible with the new API, but we cannot act on client app validation that must be performed by users in their Instagram developer area.

UPDATE: As you can see in this page: (section “FAQ”)

as per Instagram policy one-off project (like websites) will not be approved.
As said we have no responsibility for this new policy.
We’re searching for an alternative we’d suggest:

that allows to embed a instagram-generated grid inside websites.

We have not tested this component in our themes, yet, as it’s in the features roadmap.

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