Getting started with WordPress

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Getting started with WordPress

Fudge 2.0 is a WordPress Theme (Tip: What is WordPress?) designed to enhance your technology
conference, meeting, or event.

If you are planning a conference, meeting, seminar, workshop or similar event, congratulations you have made the
right choice. Using Fudge 2.0 requires an intermediate knowledge of WordPress.

This means that you should have basic knowledge of using WordPress. Our theme is made for (as opposed
to this means that you need a hosting provider where you can install WordPress and activate Fudge
2.0. If you don’t have a hosting provider, we suggest WPEngine.

If you are not confident with WordPress, we suggest 3 actions:

  • 1. Read the following article: How to make wordpress website?

    Everything you need to know about running a WordPress site is on the web. WordPress is an open-source software
    with a huge and helpful community of users. You will find answer to any concerns you may have.
  • 2. Run a test installation with the default theme and give it a whirl. Play with it and get confident with
    different sections of the Dashboard.
  • 3. Use WordPress
    Forums and Docs
    . Search the forums for your question, there will probably be an answer. If there isn’t don’t
    be afraid to ask, you will find WordPress community eager to help and friendly.
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