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Map not working

    1. Check your Google API configuration. This sometimes fails because the setting is not using the proper Google Maps API Key (Google Maps JavaScript API).Google Cloud Platform, Maps Javascript API
    2. Update your theme to the latest version.
    3. If you don’t have an API Key yet, you need to create a new one or follow these instructions:
      Add your API Key in Showthemes -> Theme Options -> Social API ->
      Fudge2 settings, social APIGoogle Maps API Key.Google Maps API Key setting

      Do not forget to click on “Save Options”.

    4. Check if you have added or imported some “Points of interest”.
      Points of interst inside the WordPress dashboard
    5. Check in the page builder item “Map” itself if you have selected at least one location.Map page builder item


Any additional issues? Check this link: Why I can’t see my location in the Google Map? My Google Map is not working.



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