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General site settings – social API

This document will help you to obtain/generate: Facebook App ID, Facebook Secret Key, Facebook Event ID

  1. You can copy your facebook event id from your event page.

  1. Then you need to create a Facebook API KEY.

  • Create a New App ID: Enter the name of your API (You can called it like your site) and your email address.

  • A captcha code will be prompted (security measure).

  • The page takes you to your facebook App page.

  • Go to Settings > Basic an include the basic information for your API: Domain, privacy policy URL, Terms of Service URL and category. Add a Platform “Website” and include your site url.

  1. Turn on your facebook App.

On the top right corner you just have to click on the switch next to “Status: in development” to turn on your facebook API key.

  1. Copy your facebook App ID and your facebook App secret.

You can easily copy your facebook API key from Settings >  Basic

In order to see your App secret key you will need your facebook password (security measures).

  1. Grab all the information:

– Facebook App ID

– Facebook Secret Key

– Facebook Event ID

And paste it on your theme configuration page.

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