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General site settings – colors

The third section on the general site settings tab is to choose colors for your site. This gives you an unlimited
choices of color combinations that you can create and use on your site.

This color is used in the main menu bar of your site, for links, and several other elements. This is the most
prominently visible color throughout your theme. By default Fudge 2.0 uses #FFDC1A as the primary color of your

Here is how the primary color will look on your site.

Secondary Color

Secondary color is used for text in the site’s main menu, icons, and other elements. It should compliment the primary
color.By default Fudge 2.0 uses #000000 as the secondary color of your site.

This is how it would like on your site, we have changed the default white to a black color.

Hover Color

Hover color is used to change the color that a link will become when you point at it. By default Fudge 2.0 uses
#FFE348 a light yellow hover color.

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