Setting up Event Manager Theme - Schedule

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Setting up Event Manager Theme – Schedule

Go to Pages > Add New and create a page with any name you’d like (ex: Schedule). In the right column, under Page Attributes select “Schedule” as the page template (See Speak- ers to learn how to select a template). Publish the page. This creates the page that you can now add to your menu.

To populate the page with sessions, go to Sessions > Add New. Give the session a title and describe the session in the editor. Under Session Details, select a date, time, and de- scribe the location. The date and time are used for sorting the sessions. Connect a speaker to this session from the Connected Speakers section.

If you’d like to group your sessions (ex: Day 1, Day 2), go to Sessions > Session Group- ings and create your groupings. Give each grouping a Name (ex: Day 1) and Description (ex: 23 Nov 2011). Then edit your sessions and add them to the appropriate groupings.

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