How to Order Session Groups

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How to Order Session Groups

1. Backup the original files before making any changes.

2. Go to Appearance>>Editor and open the “template-schedule.php”

3. Find this line:

$terms = get_terms( ‘sc-session-grouping’, apply_filters( ‘sc_schedule_term_args’, array( ‘orderby’ => ‘name’ ) ) );

4. Replace with

$terms = get_terms( ‘sc-session-grouping’, apply_filters( ‘sc_schedule_term_args’, array( ‘orderby’ => ‘slug’ ) ) );

5. Update the file

6. Go to Session Groupings section, in the left main menu.

7. Change the slug field of your session groupings preceding it with a number. For example, if you had these slugs: morning, afternoon change them to 1-morning, 2-afternoon and Save.

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