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General site settings – generating dummy data

* Please note: the above video is not updated with the latest features added from versione 1.1.0
(Facebook and Evenbrite data import).

The last tab on Theme Options screen is Tools. Fudge 2.0 provides a function to populate the site with dummy content
and import data from Facebook and Eventbrite.


Please read this carefully. By clicking on Import button; you will populate the whole site with
dummy content. While this is great if you don’t know where to start, it is non

Therefore you will need to delete the unnecessary content generated. This can take quite some time. We suggest to
populate with dummy content only if you are not sure about how WordPress works and want just to edit content and
pictures. The dummy data generator only generates content such as sessions, speakers and media.

Note: Populating the site with dummy content does not exclude reading this guide as you may still
need to refer to it to change the populated options.

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