How to adjust the zoom of the map?

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How to adjust the zoom of the map?

1) Initially activate child theme as per the below tutorial:

Fudge 2 Theme How to activate a Child theme

2) Open wp-content/themes/fudge2-child/style.css

3) Template Name in style.css shold be fudge-2

4) Activate child theme.

5) Copy wp-content/themes/fudge-2/assets/js/ to wp-content/themes/fudge2-child/js/

6) Login to the dashboard. Navigate appearance -> editor menu. Select functions.php (Fudge 2 Child: Theme Functions) from the right side of the page.

Add the following code after <?php line

7) Update the file.

8) Open wp-content/themes/fudge2-child/js/

9) Change markerZoom to 15.

That’s the value you have to adjust to change your zoom.

10) Around line number 93, you can find:

11) Changed the above code with:

12) Save the file.

Note: In order to work you will need more than one point of interest.

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