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How To Change the “Show on Google Maps” Text

This change will affect all events of the site. You can give any text that you want and link it.
To do this, follow the instructions below.

1. Please make a backup of the files you are about to edit before any updates.

2. Open the file wp-content/themes/januas/lib/metaboxes/metabox-map.php

3. You will find this code below:

<a href=”https://maps.google.it/maps?q=<?php echo $map_address_link; ?>” target=”_blank”><?php _e(‘Show on Google Maps’, ‘januas’); ?></a>

4. Replace the text “Show on Google Maps” to any other words that you want, and replace the

https://maps.google.it/maps?q=<?php echo $map_address_link; ?>” with the link that you want.

5. Update the file

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