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Points of interest

To add a Point of Interest for your event just go to Dashboard » Points of Interest » Add New.

Here you will have to provide some information:

  • 1 Title: the name of the new Point of Interest.
  • 2 Description: add a description for the Point of Interest.
  • 3 POI Address Info: provide here the street, city, zip code and country of the Point of Interest.
  • 4 ‘“ And of course, click on ‘Publish’

Setting up a points of interest page Map


Fudge 2.0 offers a dedicated page to display all of your points of interest. This page displays a map with your
points of interest conveniently located as markers which when clicked, display the information you entered for that
point of interest. To set up your points of interest page, navigate to Page -> Add New

  • 1 – Title – Provide a title for your points of interest page
  • 2 Content Builder select map, you will then see the available options for the following
  • 3 The points of interest will then display and you will need to drag and drop the performers you wish to appear
    on the page from the top section to the bottom.
  • 4 This area allows you to set preferences for map colours, font sizes and margins.
  • 5 Page attributes leave these as they are
  • 6 Lastly, save publish or update your page

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