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How can I change the favicon on the WordPress end of the Vertoh theme?

The theme uses a static directory and filename for the favicon, so you will need to upload the image that you want to use as a favicon in the theme’s folder and replace the demo favicon.ico file. Please note that you will need to use the same file name and format for your custom favicon.


  • Vertoh theme and demo data installed.
  • Perform a full website backup.

There are two ways you can change your favicon, with a plugin or directly editing the file.


We suggest using the all in one favicon plugin to change the favicon icon on the site.


Your Favicon

Create a favicon file.
You can create .ico files using online tools like these: or
Remember to save that file on your computer.

FTP access

You will now need FTP access. Your hosting provider usually shares this information when you initially acquired their package.
If you don’t have that information, feel free to contact them. They should provide the instructions to create your account.
You can overwrite your favicon using a program like

Replace favicon

You will need to replace the existing Vertoh favicon.
It’s located at your WordPress root install folder in this case “/public_html/vertoh/wp-content/themes/vertoh”
Your installation path could be a little bit different;  be sure to locate the “/themes/vertoh” folder (path).
Access the folder in your computer where the new favicon is stored and then update the icon using Filezilla
Note: You can also do that if you have access to your File manager with your hosting service.

Uploading ico file with Filezilla

You can read more about how to create and implement your favicon in WordPress in this article:


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