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How to Change the Header Menu Color

The default header text can be changed by selecting a new color in the theme options page in Genesis>>Event Manager Settings.

However, you will have to edit the CSS in order to change other sections of the theme. As in this case, to change the header menu color, do the following:

1. Backup your files before applying any modification.

2. Go to Appearance>>Editor

3. Select the “style.css” file in the right column and look for this code:
#nav li a:hover,
#nav li a:active,
#nav .current_page_item a,
#nav .current-cat a,
#nav .current-menu-item a {
border-top: 10px solid #f4422e;
color: #2b2b2b;
padding-top: 12px;

4. Change the border-top value to reflect your preferred color.

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