How to change the name of the Exhibitors, Sponsors and Speakers

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How to change the name of the Exhibitors, Sponsors and Speakers

1) Please follow the instruction below to change Exhibitor, Speakers and Sponsors text.

Please don’t forget to take a backup of the file prior to any change. To implement this changes you need to replace the current text in many places. All the text are case sensitive.

a) To change the Exhibitor text::

Once again, please take a back up of the file prior to any changes.

Open wp-content/themes/vertoh/components/cpts/exhibitor.php

Here replace all the word Exhibitors to your new Exhibitors text value. Eg if you would like to change this text to Partner then please replace Exhibitors with Partners. You can replace the text with search and replace functionality of the editor, But make sure it should match case ( Please don’t replace this with exhibitors ie small letters.)

With in the same file replace Exhibitor to Partner ( Singular)

Open /wp-content/themes/vertoh/components/metaboxes /exhibitor.php

Replace Exhibitor to your text (say Partner)

Open wp-content/themes/vertoh/components/taxonomies/exhibitor.php

Search and replace the Exhibitor with new text.

b) To change the Sponsors text:::

Open wp-content/themes/vertoh/event-framework/components/cpts/sponsor.php

Same as previous instruction,

Replace Sponsors to your new text
Replace Sponsor to new text ( singular )

Open wp-content/themes/vertoh/event-framework/components/metaboxes/ sponsor.php

Search for the following

add_meta_box(‘metabox-sponsor’, __(‘Sponsor Details’, ‘dxef’), ‘ef_metabox_sponsor’, ‘sponsor’, ‘normal’, ‘high’);

Replace Sponsor Details to your new text

Open /wp-content/themes/vertoh/event-framework/components/widgets/widget-sponsors.php

Search for the following two lines:

$widget_ops = array(‘classname’ => ‘ef_sponsors’, ‘description’ => __(‘Shows a section displaying sponsors by tier type created in the Sponsors custom post type.’, ‘dxef’));

$this->WP_Widget(‘ef_sponsors’, $widget_name . __(‘ Sponsor List’, ‘dxef’), $widget_ops);

Replace Sponsor List to your text.

c) To carnage the Speakers text:::

Open wp-content/themes/vertoh/event-framework/components/cpts/speaker.php

Same as Other instructions,

Replace Speakers to your new text

Replace Speaker to new text (singular, should be match the case )

Open /wp-content/themes/vertoh/event-framework/components/metaboxes/speaker.php

Search for the following:

add_meta_box(‘metabox-speaker’, __(‘Speaker Details’, ‘dxef’), ‘ef_metabox_speaker’, ‘speaker’, ‘normal’, ‘high’);

Replace Speaker to your text

Open wp-content/themes/vertoh/event-framework/components/widgets/widget-speakers.php

Search for the following two line

$widget_ops = array(‘classname’ => ‘ef_speakers’, ‘description’ => __(‘Shows a section displaying speakers created in the Speakers custom post type.’, ‘dxef’));

/* Create the widget. */
$this->WP_Widget(‘ef_speakers’, $widget_name . __(‘ Speaker List’, ‘dxef’), $widget_ops);

Replace Speaker to your new text

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